The Speed Bag Bible Training Program by Alan Kahn isbn: 0964182769

The only comprehensive training program completed dedicated to speed bag training. Most of the training information on this site can be found inside, as well as much more. It started as a book, and has since expanded to supportive video programs.

First published in 1995, This book explains the basic equipment and uncovers all the secrets of how the Speed Bag works.

Topics include: Equipment, movements, bag rhythms, the difference between techniques and combinations, and individually identifies 24 punching & elbow striking techniques from the front, side and back of the bag. It clearly develops how these techniques can be joined to create hundreds of different combinations. Special chapters are also included for martial arts techniques, hitting to music and advanced punching combinations.  It is THE source for Speed Bag information.

The Speed Bag Bible is also available in all digital epub formats. -Kindle or paperback

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