SPEED BAG ANNUAL GATHERING 2023 will take place July 6-9th, 2023 at Real Gymm in Keyport, NJ.

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You have reached the premier online resource for speed bag information. This site is solely dedicated to understanding and using the speed bag.

The Speed Bag, also known as Speed Ball, is a well known piece of fitness equipment that is usually associated with boxing. However, the unique aspects of its design, sound and use can far surpass its boxing or martial arts benefits. And what athlete doesn’t need Increased eye-hand coordination or faster reactions to a moving target?

The speed bags simple design makes it a perfect choice for the home fitness environment and the rhythmic cadence of its beat allows for a most creative workout experience.


Our mission is to present basic, yet comprehensive training information about the speed bag, including issues of equipment, how it works, and ways to create individual workouts to target your own personal benefits. Whether you are a speed bag beginner, or an experienced practitioner, and just want to learn more and increase your skills, Speedbagcentral is dedicated to helping you reach your goals.


Within our pages you will see and hear the speed bag as you have never imagined. You will experience imaginative ways to join the bag with other exercise equipment, and use the hypnotic cadence of its beat to express yourself through its creative rhythms – as though you had a personal hanging drum. Be prepared… for ” Bible Style Bagging ”

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