Speed Bag equipment (Speed Ball in many countries) is available from many sources and each can vary by Type, Size, Price and quality. The sites listed here have a variety of speed bag equipment, all of which we believe is high quality.

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Balazs Boxing


Ringside Boxing

Everlast boxing

Valor Fitness

Century Martial Arts


Of course there are other sources now that also carry some of the lines listed above, and other brands we are not familiar with.

Amazon.com Speed Bag listing

International Companies

Amazon.ca (Canada)

Jim Bradley Australia

RDXSports – United Kingdom


Lonsdale – United Kingdom

Fight-Fit.ch Switzerland

Customized Recommendations.

There are a few sources known that also produce customized Speed Bags that we believe ( either WE used or by known and trusted speed baggers) are very high quality and we list them here. They are not the least expensive option, but their products are not massed produced and often made specifically to order.

RONISPEEDBAG (Instagram link)

A master craftsman based in Bulgaria. His custom made, all leather bags are “amazing”. Light, fast and accurate. Once purchase is made you get your bag in less than two weeks, so fulfillment is very fast. In comparison to other speed bags, the “Ronispeedbag” is lighter on the hands, meaning the force felt on the hands by each punch feels lighter on the hands. But the amazing factor is they are still amazing fast. Many smaller, light weight bags seem to “float”, or just don’t go fast, for the optimum bag needs a little weight to take the punch and go. Not these bags. They do not float, they accept the punch and move. (* Highly recommended for those with hands suffering from arthritis or other reconstructive issues that may limit your punching force. )


Roni speed Bag 8×5 hand made
Yellow 9×6

Many colors and styles are available.

4×7 and 7×8

Order via Facebook or Instagram (memberships are required on both media) or by email  ronispeedbag_J@abv.bg