Throughout the years there have been many people and events that help shape Speedbagcentral as well as promoted speed bag training to many others during their own lives. This page will feature just a few that stand out. It is in no way comprehensive to the thousands of awesome speed bag fans around the world.

Dr. Roy Schroeder, Ph.D

Dr. Charles Roy Schroeder, hitting the speed bag.

In his younger days, Dr. Schroeder was a avid boxer and won the Marine boxing championships. After his military service his attained his PH.D in Kinesiology, writing many books on health, fitness and exercise. In his 1973 “Boxing Skills” he featured a chapter on speed bag training. His “31 striking rhythms” were the basis for the later 24 techniques described in the Speed Bag Bible training program. While Dr. Schroeder was writing this book, Alan Kahn caught him hitting the speed bag and was fascinated with the sound and fury of fists and elbows flowing non-stop from all directions. He signed the petition to start the inaugural boxing class taught at Memphis State University. For the next 3 years, they were often under a board, Doc teaching away. Besides speed bag, Doc was a master with the jump rope.

1994, Memphis State Field House. Our last meeting

As the years past, Dr. Schroeder retired and spent his last his last few years sailing and scuba diving around the world. In out last meeting I was able to show him the preliminary pre-production copy of the first edition of The Speed Bag Bible. Doc was thrilled to have one of his students take his knowledge, expand it a bit and publish to teach others. To anyone now who states they do “Bible Style Bagging”…..It all started from Dr. Schroeder.

We spent a lot of time together, camping with his kids and teaching how to scuba dive, and snorkling with his daughters.

Camping, Heber Springs, ARK Teaching his daughter to Snorkle

Tim Platt, SpeedbagForum

Tim platt, Alan Kahn, Zach “SpeedbagSkunk” Ruffo, Orlando, May 2007

This modern resurgence of speed bag popularity is as much a cause of Tim Platt as anything or anyone else. In 2005 he created the internet site “” and over the next few years it became THE place for hundreds of speed baggers from around the world to meet and talk about all things speed bag. As a direct result, in 2010 we held the first annual “Speed Bag Gathering” drawing speed baggers from all over the world to New Jersey. Canada and Australia included. Since then we’ve had 10 annual Gatherings at Real Gym, Keyport New Jersey, along with few others at different locations. Only the Covid-19 epidemic postponed the 2020 gathering but it will resume as soon as it’s safe. All of this was created and led by Tim. He and his wife organized and ran the first four gatherings.

Tim and Wife Carol organizing SB-II, July 2011
Tim Platt, Tommy “speedyT” tabino, Bob Bifano… SB-I, 2010

During that time, Tim pushed his own skills well past “master” level, creating original and unique elbow combinations never seen before. Now, beside still owning and running, he has created further discussing speed bag equipment and training tips. Tim is “a baggers bagger” and is has help promote and teach all things speed bag to thousands of people.

“The Cage” in Tim’s Garage. Tim, Brian Tichy, professional drummer, Zach Ruffo.

Mr. Joe Skrycki

Ernie Oriente Sr.

John Baca, CMOH