The “Speed Bag community”, or speed “ball” in some places, is truly world wide, with avid users in almost every country. People of all types, races, religions, political affiliations and professions. From the everyday folk to the rich and famous…. There are dedicated speed baggers. Through online outlets such as, Facebook, instagram, twitter, tic-toc, and the annual gathering, many have found each other to communicate, demonstrate and share our common use and fascination with the speed bag. We collective call each other “Baggers” and recognizes and respect all people who use the speed bag.

This page will feature pictures of Baggers that are known to SpeedBagCentral and have substantially impacted the speed bag community as a whole, or are great ambassadors of speed bag training. It is by no means exhaustive.


“Deano” came all the way from Australia to meet “the speed bag yanks” and show his unique “Aussie speed ball punching” style.

DEANO and his Father TED

Deano punching at Speed Bag Gathering 2010

Zach Ruffo – SpeedBagSkunk

Our first meeting was in May 2007 at a teaching seminar at the LA Boxing Gym in Orlando, Ca.

Zach Ruffo – SpeedbagSkunk May 2007 LA Boxing, Orlando FL
F-A-S-T !! was the only word for him
Zach is a true Speed Bag Phenom.

Zach Ruffo became a legendary bagger when he picked up a sponsorship by Everlast and appeared around nation doing demonstrations at sporting good shows. As a “baggers bagger”, he loves to teach and quickly amassed a following all his own and brought many under the board to learn his ways.

His video archive on youtube is substantial check out his Instagram.

Justin Buffamonte (Juxt)

Justin is a quiet, unassuming speed bag wizard.

One of the first to master the “Aussie” style first demonstrated buy Deano, Justin went on to master the vertical bag as well.

Justin on vertical speed bag

Matthew Santiago

In only a few short years Matt Mastered every possible combination as well as the Art of Punch Drumming, or hitting the speed bag with music.

Matt “SpeedBagAtaraxis”

He is one of the featured baggers in the Documentary, The ART Of The Bag
and was the first “non-boxing” speed bagger to ever be featured in a Television Commercial, Gillette Training Tracks

Matt on set of Gillette Commercial 2013.

Matt also attended a special Speed Bag Gathering in Reno Nevada, March 2015

Joel Giandalia, Hillary Shreve, Alan Kahn, Dee Pooler, Dee Mandeville, Matt Santiago

Tommy Tabino (SpeedyT)

Tommy is a 6ft 6in Gentle giant who has mastered all things speed bag. He has developed some of the most complex double and triple bumping elbow combinations we’ve ever seen.

Tommy created a dual speed bag truck attachment for horizontal AND vertical use

Tommy T on speed bag SpeedyT on Instagram

Tommy Tabino and Wife Rebecca

John Street, UK

John street is one of the “”Go To” Guys in Hollywood Stunt coordination or fight arranging. He also trains many actors for different roles and helps “get them in shape” for films demanding physicality, particular in movies featuring armed services. You’ve most likely seen him in a film to two.

John Working pads with Harry Styles, star of Dunkirk

Film set of Dunkirk on the wing of a SpitFire
Helping Kevin Costner on film “Criminals”

In younger days, John served as a Royal Marine Reserve. Arctic Warfare, Unarmed Combat Instructor, Sniper. So yes, he’s the real deal. And when he’s not on set, he’s training…and loving the speed bag.

Back Yard, UK

Always the Dad, and teacher. John and Daughter Lucy – a new Lady Bagger!

check him out on Instagram.

Dr. LISA PERRONE, PH.D (SpeedBag4Life)

Finishing her Doctorate, Atlanta Georgia

Lisa has been one of the longest known friends of SpeedBagCentral. She started her speed bag career as a student of George Kam, in Hawaii. Then to Atlanta, Back to Hawaii, Florida, Boston….. and other places. Along the way she has collected her PH.D in Math, Doctor of Dentistry and now becoming an Oral Surgeon. We know she’ll figure it out, just like she did the Speed Bag, which she has mastered. In the speed bag community she is known as “Speedbag4Life” . She is a regular at the Speed Bag Gatherings in Keyport N.J.

SB-I 2010
SB-III 2013
Lisa Goes Vertical
2015 Rogene and Lisa

Denise Goheen Mandeville “MsDeville”

SB-1 2010 Keyport, NJ.

Dee “MsDeville” has been a long time member of and the originator of the very popular “Deville Swivel“, an excellent Ball-hook swivel that she produced for several years. She was a stable at many of the annual Speed Bag Gatherings.

Fist Rolling

Dee has left a noticeable mark on the speed bag world as a lady bagmaster and amazing punch drummer. She leave a very impressive body of work!

Jeff Thrasher

Jeff is a relative new comer to the speed bag family but he has already left a serious mark on the bagging world. As the creator and producer of the Evo series of Ballhook swivels, he has quickly become the one of the “Go To Guys” for a top quality, fast and accurate swivel.

Alan Kahn & Jeff Thrasher, Speed Bag Gathering 2021 Keyport New Jersey

His skills under the board are impressive and always improving. He also has a great desire for teaching speed bag skills. Check out his sizeable postings on youtube. and Instagram

Nate Holdener & Brad Bachmann

They are known as “The Dynamic Duo” from around Buckley Washington, and also as two of THE finest artists under the board. Most of us just stop and watch in Awe when either one of them cut loose….and then we all try to figure it out! They are fast, furious and some of the most complex Bible Style Baggers around, and also excellent Punch Drummers. Related and living miles apart, they often train together and push the limits of speed bag skills. That said, they are two of the kindest, considerate and wonderful guys you could ever meet. Both will spend time teaching anyone their special bag magic.

Nate, Alan and Brad at Speed Bag Gathering 2021

Check out their respective Youtube channels to get a taste. But trust us…. Video does NOT do these two justice. You really need to experience them “live” just a few feet from the board to get the full effect.

Nate Holdener – Youtube Nate-Instagram Brad Bachmann – Youtube Brad-Instagram

David Assmann – Baden-Wuerttemberg Germany

We have to recognize an amazing speed bagger and Punch Drummer Extraordinaire, known as “Dizzy_D” to most of the bagging world. We have not had the pleasure to meet him in person yet, but we are in great hopes it happens at our next gathering. Always joyous to watch, ..punching dead on-beat with one of the best smiles under the board! check him out on youtube! Instagram page