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Sports Illustrated visit to Speedbagcentral – June 6, 7, 8th 2022

The senior podcast director Dan Bloom and Greg Bishop senior writer for Sports Illustrated are coming to Speedbagcentral to visit Alan Kahn, author of the Speed Bag Bible to talk about the amazing past, present and hopeful future of the Speed Bag. The emerging worldwide phenomenon of Bible Style Bagging, Punch Drumming and the unique rehabilitation potential or it’s “beat” has attracted their attention. This is an exciting opportunity for the speed bag community as well as the introduction of “speed bagging” to a whole new audience!

Articles by Greg Bishop

SPEED BAG XIII – July 6-9, 2023 at Real Gymm, in Keyport, NJ.

Nearest Hotel: BEST WESTERN, Hazelet, NJ

The Speed Bag Gathering

The Speed Bag “Gatherings, where enthusiasts from all over the world come together for 3 days to meet and share training information about all things speed bag, began as an idea on back in 2008. This idea culminated in 2010, with the First Annual Gathering, held at Real Gymm, in Keyport New Jersey. This first gatherings was very successful, drawing baggers from USA, Australia and Canada. It has continued for 10 years, until the 2020 – when it, like almost everything else, was cancelled due to the Covid Pandemic. Of course, we speed baggers could not wait to get together again. We did it again in July 2022 with a huge gathering with speed baggers from all over the U.S and a special guest from Germany!

We are hopeful that the 2023 Gathering will again become an international event, with great Speed baggers from all over the World returning to join us, including Mexico, Germany, Canada, perhaps some of our UK brothers as well as an Aussie or two and there’s a good bet Sweden will be under that board also! Don’t miss out! Start planning today!

Here is a sample of a Speed Bag Gathering July 2015


Recently (November 17th) The Amazing, Blazing “Speedbagskunk” (Zach Ruffo) lite up the performance of the Cornerstone AZ Church concert as a featured Punch Drummer on, not one, but TWO speed bags. Is this Cool or What!!

SpeedBagSkunk at Cornerstone AZ punch drumming to LIVING ON A PRAYER


Speed Bag Gathering in Reno Nevada… March 2015

Joel Giandalia, owner

From March 11th to March 14th 2015, Joel Giandalia, sponsored four nationally recognized speed bag masters to hold several private and community speed bag seminars. A dedicated speed bagger himself, he wanted to bring the Best to Reno. The crew did several TV interviews as well as several public teaching seminars.

Joel, Hillary Schieve, Mayor of Reno, Alan Kahn, Dee Pooler, Denise Mandeville and
Matthew Santiago

One of the sessions was filmed for a segment of “Plush Life”, a local interest TV Show.

The highlight of the week was an afternoon demonstrating and teaching the Boys and Girls Clubs or Reno.