Rhythm & Rehab DVD


Rhythm & Rehab Specialty Speed Bag video

 The speed bag easily adapts to various levels of physical ability, as well as the home fitness or clinical treatment environment.

 Rhythm & Rehab is a specialty video created to introduce punching the speed bag in various ways as a unique physical activity for rehabilitation and therapy. This video opens with a footage showing the speed bag being used from a wheelchair, stationary cycles and stepping machines. The author then covers all equipment needed, a simple 4-step learning process for understanding how it works and how to use it, and then teaches several simple fist punching and elbow striking techniques. It also has a special section for manipulating the equipment and workout variables to create a focused workout for personalized benefits or individual needs.

  This video was developed for both Professional Therapists working in the field of rehabilitation, as well as end users:  People in rehabilitation treatment.  It is also captioned with text titles for the hearing impaired.

Rhythm & Rehab outline and video Scenes


Simple 4-Step learning for any level of physical ability.

Four Front Fist  Punching Techniques
Three Reverse Punching Techniques
Elbow Strikes, Out, In, Down

Rehab based Workout tips

how to structure a personal work and target either strength or

Endurance by change variables, such as Bag Size,

the number of punches and or Time interval of punching.

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