The Speed Bag Bible_ 4-DVD Series


The Four DVD set: The 4-DVD set is almost EIGHT hours of speed bag instruction, tips and demonstrations that explain the mystery of how it works and how YOU can become a master of the speed bag.

DVD-1:  Equipment and Seven basic fist punching techniques, Four punches from the front of the bag, three punches from behind bag (called Reverse Punching) and linking from the front and back. “Linking” refers to passing the fist(s) through the bag to hit from the other side. 2-hrs long

DVD-2:  Review DVD-1 techniques, then Twelve Elbow Striking Techniques and how to mix them with the previous seven techniques. (* includes the Side-Triple Elbow Strike) 2-hrs

DVD-3: Review DVD-1,2 techniques then *six techniques from the Side of the bag and how to mix them with the previous. (* covers the Side-Triple ES in more detail).  2-hrs long

DVD-4: Review DVD-1,2,3 techniques. Then covers the advanced punching combination topics from chapter 10 of The Speed Bag Bible. 1 hr 40minutes long

All video’s have slo-motion segments with voice over as well as Punch Drumming ™ (hitting to music) in the open and close.

THE DVD SET you receive is NEW in a thin 4-DVD lightweight  for easy storage. These DVD’s do not have menu’s and will advance about 3 minutes further with your DVD chapter menu button.

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