Speed Bag written combination

It is possible to write down speed bag techniques and combinations in an abbreviated shorthand that resembles sheet music.

  • Technique names can be abbreviated by their letters. Front Straight Punch can be abbreviated as (FSP).  The Outward-Triple Elbow Strike can be (O-TES)
  • The arm used can be shown above the name abbreviation. Left Arm = L.
    Right Arm = R.
  • The fist or elbow can be shown under the abbreviation to indicate the part and order they connect. Elbow = e and Fist = f.
  • The number of rebounds can be indicated by some sort of typographic symbol. Such as:   2 rebounds =   ’ ’   and three rebounds  =  ’ ’ ’ 

The above information can be used to write down any combination you can punch. This is handy to write down any new combinations you learn, or stumble upon, and do not want to forget.  An example combination is shown below.

The above six technique combination goes like this.  The Right Fist does a Front Straight Punch (FSP). The bag then makes three rebounds ( ’ ’ ’ )  and the right fist leads a R-L Front Double Punch (FDP). The bag makes three rebounds and is followed by a Left Leading Outward-Triple Elbow Strike. In the (O-TES), the bag is hit by the Left Elbow, than the Left Fist and then the Right Fist. Both fists than pass through the bag to the reverse area, and after two rebounds (’ ’) there is a Reverse Double Punch (RDP), in a Right – Left fist order. The Reverse Double Punch is followed by another Front Double Punch (FDP) after two rebounds, and after three rebounds there is a right leading Front Fist Roll (F-Roll). Five punches ( R-L-R-L-R) are shown in the Fist Roll.

Hopefully, you can easily understand how the abbreviated method is much easier to read than following the eight sentences it took to write it out normally with technique names.

Below is guide for how this three line abbreviation method works:

Below is a key for the system of writing speed bag techniques and combinations like above.

The Speed Bag Bible book has over 300 written speed bag combinations for practice utilizing twenty four individual speed bag techniques. Just like sheet music, in a short time you can read and understand and mix of speed bag combinations. 

Since The Speed Bag Bible has come out there are a few new, unique variations that have developed, and they affect how to write combinations. These are shown below:

Changing Direction of a Fist Roll

Double Bumping fists and Elbows