As mentioned, Speed Bags come in many different Sizes and Shapes and over the years there has been variations of materials for the outer portion, where the fists make contact and the bladder that holds air inside. Variations by most popular makers are too numerous to mention for Size, Shapes, materials and, Bag attachment loops sizes can vary, almost from production lot to production lot. You get a bag you love this month and two months later that same model is just not the same. We at Speedbagcentral do not have an answer for that, but like most things with speed bag equipment….If you find one you like, buy as many as you can afford at the time, for there is no assurance it will be the same 6 months from now. Ahh! Our own insight is production changes are most likely driven by cost, and the “newer” version mostly like has cheaper production costs and higher profit margins. Rarely does a noticeable change result in a “better bag”, although occasionally it does happen. By in large we suggest that when you find a bag you love, do everything you can to make it last as long as possible. That means caring for the outer leather and having several replacement bladders.

Caring for the outer leather

Repairing or Replacing the Bladder in Speed Bag

Custom Speed Bags